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ℬallerina in ℒace. ♡

Every little girl wants to be a ballerina at some point in their life, right? Well, I was definitely one of them. My love for the elegant dance form was immeasurable. I took classes five days a week. I adore ballet style, lovely sophisticated pointed shoes, dresses and all other accessorize. These days I am dancing only for my soul and my relaxation. It`s the best therapy to calm all the senses. Here are 7 “less-known” benefits of ballet that are worth thinking about.

1. Long and Lean Muscles.

It tones and sculpts your body. Ballet classes  are designed to teach movements that will naturally develop long and lean muscles, not thick ones.

2. Better Posture.

Because it requires the use of good posture and alignment, you will naturally improve awareness of the way you stand, walk, sit and carry out your daily activities.

3. Poise and Confidence.

Ballet classes help improve your poise, confidence, but with a touch of grace. You will repeatedly be taught to do a series of simple exercises called barre exercises.

4. Flatter Tummy.

It makes your waistline become more defined. Ballet class students’ back and ab muscles are strengthened over time, resulting in less back pains and a flatter abdomen.

5. Flexibility.

Taking ballet lessons makes your body a lot more flexible. Chances are, the movements you will practice in your next ballet class give you an amazing and effective body flexibility workout because it uses muscles that aren’t often used in other sport activities.

6. Mental and Emotional Health.

Your body isn’t the only part of you that benefits from ballet. Because every ballet student will interpret each dance movement in their unique way, the release of this personal creative expression can be highly-therapeutic, promoting mental and emotional health.

7. Dissolve Stress.

Ballet can melt your daily stresses away. The exercises in ballet class will require you to shift your focus to the proper movement of your hands, placement of your legs and feet, as well as the coordination of your body with music. Ballet students report they actually feel completely removed from the world as they know it.


❦ Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ❦

Martha Graham


nhTo dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. Agnes de Mille

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Dance like no one is watching.  Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt and live like it’s Heaven on Earth. Mark Twain



Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! Constanze


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Nietzschetij




ღ Ballet passion. ღ

Dance, sing, perform, create something beautiful. Since I was 5 years old I was in love with the classical music and ballet. I always wanted to dance. I built castles in the air out of my hopes and dreams. Being a ballet dancer is much harder than you think. It demands a lot of determination, hard work and commitment. Nowadays I am taking ballet classes only for my relaxation and my soul.


❦ And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ❦

Friedrich Nietzsche

1. It’s a full body work out

If you want a dancer’s body then you shall receive. Ballet inspired classes work the whole body, lifting bottoms, trimming thighs and defining arms.

2. It’s speeds up your metabolism

Classes promote increased muscle mass and metabolic rate, so you burn calories at rest as well as during the workout. Yes, please!

3. You’ll look and feel more lean

Lose inches from your waist and add them to your height just by improving your posture. Ballet inspired classes will help you achieve stronger and leaner legs a la Miranda Kerr, and the best part? No tutu required!

4. It tones ALL your muscles

In ballet-inspired workouts the barre is your BFF. All those difficult standing postures you do and hold for minutes on end? Those are the moves that will give you stronger and leaner muscles – without the erratic heartbeat!

5. It’s a great de-stressor

High intensity workouts performed to music help clear your mind of daily stresses. Who doesn’t love a bit of classical ballet music?

6. It’s for everyone

There’s no dance or exercise experience required! It’s suitable for any body type or fitness level, young and old!

7. It’s suitable for pregnant women

In fact, it’s good for mums-to-be! These light cardio exercises will help develop and maintain strong muscle mass and flexibility, working the arms, legs and even pelvic muscles! Apparently it can even help for a smoother delivery too.

Injury-free zone

Not only do ballet workouts prevent you from injury, but they can also help when you have one too. Make sure to let your instructor know so they can amend some of the exercises to suit your needs.