ℬeautiful spring view. ❀

Good morning beautiful people! This morning I have an amazing view through my kitchen window. I enjoy spring so much with lovely daffodils and sweet pastel tulips together.🌷 And then my heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils. William Wordsworth


Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. ❦

Ralph Waldo Emerson





ℋappy magical holidays! 🐰

This is a magical day out where priceless memories will be made and the smile will be on our face. I like Easter holidays because of all the beautiful decorations. The Easter long weekend is a great time to relax and catch up with family and friends. So take it easy, and enjoy a long lunch or dinner without the rush. Enjoy your day my friends! 🌺


❦ There is magic all around us, You can feel it in the air, for the lovely signs of springtime are unfolding everywhere. It’s a time of fulfilled promise, it’s a time of hope and cheer. ❦


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Enjoy your day everyone! Today here is a beautiful sunny day. 🌺


❦ Don’t exist. Live. Get out, explore. Thrive. Challenge authority. Challenge yourself. Evolve. Change forever. Become who you say you always will. Keep moving. Don’t stop. Start the revolution. Become a freedom fighter. Become a superhero. Just because everyone doesn’t know your name doesn’t mean you dont matter. Are you happy? Have you ever been happy? What have you done today to matter? Did you exist or did you live? How did you thrive? Become a chameleon-fit in anywhere. Be a rockstar-stand out everywhere. Do nothing, do everything. Forget everything, remember everyone. Care, don’t just pretend to. Listen to everyone. Love everyone and nothing at the same time. Its impossible to be everything, but you can’t stop trying to do it all. ❦

Brian Krans

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ℳy nude ℒovelies. ♡

Hi, all the beautiful people. I am so happy because I finally got new beauties as you can see in the photo bellow. I am very picky about buying new heels. I always make sure that they fit properly. Any minor discomfort in the store will become a major discomfort after an hour. So be careful! Nude heels are the perfect work wardrobe staple because:

They go with everything. In fact, if you had to commit to just one work shoe, the most versatile is not black. It’s nude or tan. Wear it with black, grey, brown, colors, more tan — there are no limits.


❦ High heels empower women in a way. ❦

Christian Louboutin





ℱlower GirL. ❀

Hello, beautiful people. Today on my mind was a tender makeup with some flowers in my bun. Soon it will be Easter, so this is a perfect makeup combination. What do you think? Even many people are liking my photos, I would be happy  if we could talk more too, or have a more feedback from you.✿


❦ Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. ❦

Gerard de Nerval


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Chopard ring.


ℳy sweet Sunday French Toast & Chai Latte. ♡

Hi, everyone! Today I decided to go spoiling my taste buds in my favourite patisserie in our capital Ljubljana. I adore drinking hot Chai latte with cinnamon and delicious toast with cheese. I like this spot because it`s detailed with charming interior and noble guests. Enjoy your day & see you soon! XO


❦ Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere. ❦

Henry David Thoreau



Chai latte ~ A powerful blend of tea, herbs and spices, chai has been cherished for centuries in India to preserve health and increase peace of mind. But, the more we learn about chai, the more benefits we find. In addition to improving digestion, chai enhances the immune system, fights inflammation and has antioxidant properties. It has also been suggested that chai has antibacterial and anti-cancer effects.




ℋappy Women`s day! ❀

♕ Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. ♕

O. Winfrey

❦ May your men (and women) shower you with love, passion and affection every day of the year! YOU deserve to be equal, to be loved, pampered, understood and praised! Our role is everything but easy; We are loving wives and girlfriends, mothers & daughters, caring grandmas, successful housewives, smart businesswomen, go-getters, hard workers; Emotional, sexual, and psychological human beings. And somehow at the end of the day, we still have time to look beautiful! So, cheers to us WOMEN! Happy 8th of March to all women and to those who feel like women! ❦


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Geppard pattern Style. 🐯

Even I don`t like many wild patterns, sometimes I like to wear a gepard one, but in a nice and sophisticated combination with other clothes and accessories. It goes along very good with a black colour. For example black bag and some cute black ballerinas. I hope you`ll like it. What is your favourite animal pattern?

❦ Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man. ❦

John Eldredge

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