Sunday in pastels. ❀

Hello, beautiful people. This is my Sunday`s look. I adore pastel colours and all the lovely accessorises together. Especially cute earings  and a cute lace belt. On the photo, you can see also my pale pink baggy pants and a shiny, silver sneakers. On the photo bellow, you can also see my Happy salt, it`s a very special, soul thing. I will write about this healing salt in a few hours.  I hope you`ll like it. Happy & relaxing Sunday to all of you!

❦ The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don`t wear her. ❦

Mary Quant



SaltHealing is an ancient healing modality that has been experiencing a resurgence around the world in recent years. Programmed with information frequencies (in a similar way to how radio waves are transmitted), healing salts work on many different levels – energetic, emotional, and physical – by redirecting the flow of energy through the body to where it’s needed most.



Sweater flower details. ❀


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