Rainy Good morning!

Good morning everyone! As you can see I am still in my pajama. Wearing cute pajamas totally enriches my life. I’ve just been paying more attention to what I’m wearing when I go to sleep. I think it gives me better sleep. I don’t have any evidence to back that up, but I’m a high-maintenance sleeper and I generally log a more restful night when I’m dozing away in something pretty. Yes, sure I like wearing also more sexy pajama, but most of the time I have cute ones. Probably I am not the only one. That`s why I am giving you a photo of one of them. But of course don`t forget the slippers too! 😊

me (3)

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)


4 thoughts on “Rainy Good morning!

  1. You look adorable in your pjs! I have always thought it’s important to invest in nice loungewear too 🙂 xo


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