Mistycal Venice.

Venice charms visitors with its mystical aura. This city, which appears to be floating on water, veiled in ethereal fogs, was built on hundreds of small islands joined by bridges. I must say that I adore this city. So cute and charming. I felt like a princess in another dimension. I visited Venice a few times because it`s very near to my city. I need only 2.5 hours by car. Thousands of tourists come to Venice to see and take part in its magnificent Carnival, walking round in fancy dress in this city’s magical scenery means taking part in a truly exceptional happening. Those mysterious, disturbing Venetian masks, eyeing you from the city’s alleyways are part of what we imagine the Venetian world would have been like 300 years ago. They are an irresistible attraction for what is undoubtedly one of the world’s most unique experiences: the re-living of 18th century Venice. My photos were taken in a summer time as you can see. My favourite spot for a Luxury cup of coffee is Caffè Florian born in Venice in 1720. It is the oldest café in the world. The Florian Florence is a fine dining restaurant and a museum of contemporary art. While the finest wines and coffees from the Orient, Malaysia, Cyprus and Greece were being served inside, history was unfolding outside. Besides being the most famous coffeehouse, Caffè Florian was the only meeting place of the time that admitted women, which explains why Casanova chose it as his “hunting ground” in his continuing quest for female company. I can`t wait to go back soon to see again this amazing part of the world. I highly recommended!

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