Luxury Concierge Slovenia (3)❦ ORALI is unique & charming perfum. The art of creating natural perfumes and fragrances from botanical oils is thousands of years old. This ancient tradition of aromatics requires the skillful selection and blending of fragrant essences found in complex plants and transformed into authentic essential oils and absolutes like those in Mystic Fragrances – completely natural fragrances. Natural oils possess unique properties that impart positive, beneficial effects to enhance emotional well-being and aesthetic enjoyment. ❦


❦ ℒuxury Concierge Slovenia also organizes weddings. Our wedding service will help ensure that your big day goes smoothly.❀ We manage everything from the guest list to the post wedding entertainment.❀ Every detail is carefully planned and supervised including the all important wedding cake, wine list, dining options, welcome gifts & favors, transportation and of course, accommodation. ❀ We strive to ensure that your day reflects you and your partner’s distinctive style and personality, making the day completely unforgettable. ❦


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Luxury Makeup

❦ ℒuxury Concierge team is also working with clients to enhance their physical features and create a flawless appearance. ℳakeup artists are an important part of creating the look for a special occasion or event. We can offer you the … Continue reading